Apple iPhone 14 Plus 512GB Black (Midnight) MQ593QL/A It is also known as Apple iPhone 14 Plus



  • iOS 16
  • Detection of accidents
  • Large battery
  • Display 21% larger Super Retina OLED XDR
  • Action mode
  • The A15 Bionic chip

This iPhone doesn't include a charger or headphones in the original box.

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iphone 14 plus

Big and Big

Apple iPhone 14

Long-lasting battery

Apple iPhone 14 Plus, with the iOS 16 operating system that on its lock screen will give you a lot of freedom. You can overlay your photos with text, follow activity rings and learn information in real time. It can even tell if you have had an accident with its accident detector, which will call the emergency services and notify your emergency contacts. It does this because it notices extreme accelerations and decelerations, as well as changes in cabin pressure.

It will run day to day on a single charge, because it has a it 's a huge battery. What. He offers you up to 20 hours it can be charged wirelessly with a magSafe charger.

Apple iPhone 14

6.7 inch OLED screen

In addition, the new Apple iPhone 14 Plus and related devices you have one screen of 6.7". What. This one has oLED technology offering you higher contrast with brighter whites and more absolute blacks. In addition, its high resolution and chromatic accuracy make all images look sharp and lifelike. And his true Tone technology shall adapt the screen to ambient light.

Apple iPhone 14

Dual camera for unique photos

Likewise, it has a two rear cameras which is backed by improved image processing, which will make your photos look amazing in any light. It's made up of a high-quality lens and an ultra-wide angle. They'll let in 49% more light. Besides, when you touch the shutter, the new Photonic engine it combines the best pixels from several previous exposures and retains more information from all the images. Your action mode, on the other hand, will allow you to record some superstable video pulses, even if you're running up the mountain.

Your film mode it will automatically change focus so you can focus on the protagonist of each scene. It'll even let you record 4K video at 2 frames per second, like filmmakers do. On their screen you'll find a trueDepth front camera which gives you autofocus and increased aperture, so that close-ups and group photos come out with more detail and color.

Apple iPhone 14

The A15 Bionic chip

Another of the great revolutions of iphone 14 plus it's your processor. Get in the car a15 Bionic chip, the same model as the iPhone 13 Pro, with 5 cores and which is behind the most advanced features. It'll make high graphics games and 3D apps go super fast.

Apple iPhone 14

Because of Apple's policy to reduce CO emissions2, this iPhone may not include a charger or headphones in the original box. See also:

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